(Personal) Recent Accomplishments

Concerning photojournalism, my work recently gained the attention of a UT Texas student interning for the national news network, ABC, while working on a story concerning gay-activism across several university campuses. By pure luck, I was contacted by Xorje Olivares via my friend and fellow UNT photojournalism student Charlie McRae. Conclusively, my photography appeared on ABC News national website, located here.

Shortly after this, I was contacted by a Dallas online news publication called Pegasus News who extended to me a position on their staff as a paid photographer. Oddly enough, I had entered a ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’ movie contest through Pegasus days earlier, and the staff member hosting the contest apparently noticed on his own accord that I was a photographer and then passed the information along to the corresponding staff. Lucky again.

But most recently and most importantly is news that has no relation to photojournalism so I will keep it short and sweet. On the 18th of December, 2009, I asked the man of my life to marry me, and he of course responded yes. I’m engaged, and I couldn’t be happier.

More blogs to come. Thanks for reading.


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