Website, Broden, and Washington D.C.

A lot has happened since my last entry but in this post so I’ll attempt to sum things up quickly because I don’t have as much time to dive into detail, but here it goes:

I created a website, finally! My journalism professor, Thorne Anderson, recommended the site where you choose a template (most of which were flash) under designated categories (e.g. photographer), and then customize/redesign the elements of the template to suit your needs. I removed the advertisements and registered my domain name for one year by upgrading through one of Wix’s upgrade package deals, then found a coupon online to discount the first month down to 99-cents. I only wanted to pay one time for everything, instead of monthly payments which I have enough of, so I got it all for $90.00. I have to say that after all the time I’ve spent looking around at different sites and layouts and content management systems like FTP’s and servers and so-on that I’m VERY pleased with the Wix site and that I’m satisfied with the results. Have a look!

Also, I dropped my Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L somewhere around the first of Oct. at the State Fair of Texas when I was hanging out with my friend, Zack Huggins. I had to have it sent off to Canon immediately because I needed it before I left for Washington D.C. on the 11th, and because Sunday was the 10th – and because Canon apparently doesn’t deliver on Saturdays, the 9th – I needed to have it back by the 7th. Somehow – and I don’t know how – it got back to me by noon on the 7th, thank Jesus.

Lastly, concerning the Dallas Observer, I’ve recently covered two assignments concerning Stephen Broden, a Congressional candidate for the Tea Party representing the 30th district of Texas. While Broden campaigns that Obama is a Marxist socialist and that our current government is in dire need for the restoration of God to its doctrines and legislation, I don’t see eye-to-eye with his politics or personal beliefs, although from what little conversation I’ve had with him, he seems like a nice man. You can check out some photos I took of him below.

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And before I end this entry, as I was typing it I received a phone call from Chip Somodevilla, the photojournalist in D.C. (I arrived yesterday at noon). The plans are to have lunch today around 12, then afterwards go to the Whitehouse. The feeling is surreal.


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