Last Entry for 2010

It’s been a long time since I’ve legitimately updated my blog, I know. But I think with the new year rolling around, I’ll be using my blog more as a place to host photos, rather than post short entry’s such as this one. Don’t fret, though – I’ll still make updates here about equipment, trips and general happenings.

Just last night I couldn’t sleep very well, so I placed an order on B&H with some all of the money I got for Christmas and bought the black Pelican 1654 Waterproof 1650 Case with dividers & the Photoflex LiteDome XTC Extra Small Softbox Kit for Shoe Mount Flashes.

Also, since my last blog update: I’ve created two websites, both built through, which is a freaking awesome service as far as I’m concerned. After looking for months for a portfolio solution, I finally found Wix. $100 a year, which gets you 1GB of space (if I remember right), a free URL, etc. Not a bad deal at all, esp. for a college student. I highly recommend it.

Anyway, I built two websites through their service: <– My professional portfolio, and <– My ‘business’ portfolio/personal photography. Check them out and let me know what you think!

A lot has happened this year. There was the bad: the break-up with my ex, my dad was hospitalized and my grandparents got a divorce. And there was the good: I photographed President Obama at the White House, ended the first semester of my senior year at UNT strong and completed a photo-internship with the Dallas Observer.

My portfolio and friends have grown, and most importantly I’m happy and healthy. 2011 will bring new challenges, friends and relationships, and as we continue to exist on this big blue sphere we call Earth, the will to unify apathy and liberality will forge onwards as it always has. Despite the strifes, struggles and disappointments, we will always posses the ability to overcome, to accomplish great things, and to achieve the unthinkable.

Never give up on  your dreams, and always shoot for the stars.

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