Tyler Morning Telegraph | National Geographic Photo-Internship

  • Some good news to report! Looks like I will be interning with the Tyler Morning Telegraph newspaper in Tyler, TX from June 6-25 as a photojournalist along with other journalism students from UNT. We’ll be working on a three week project and rooming in Ornelas Hall at Tyler Junior College in Tyler, TX. Can’t wait! ***UPDATE***: I’ll be in Tyler on Wednesday, May 25 for training w/ the Chief Photographer, Jaime R. Carrero.
  • Also, I’m working on getting a photo-internship with a National Geographic photographer, Michael Yamashita, who is the uncle of one of my photo-J friends at UNT. Small world!
  • Lastly: I’ve graduated! B.A. in Photojournalism and B.A. in Political Science! Now I’m just waiting for my diplomas in the mail!
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