D Magazine, Yahoo, & 2011



First off I apologize for the long delay between this post and the last. It’s no excuse, but I’ve been busy taking care of some health issues (everything is ok), and I’ve been working on a few things in between. As always I strive to ensure that each contribution to my blog is meaningful and purposeful. 

Secondly I’ve been very behind in updating my blog with photographs, so in leu of my online presence here, you can always follow my projects, successes and failures in my photographic endeavors over on my Facebook page

In recent weeks I’ve been kept busy with work from The Dallas Observer, photographing parades, tomato fights and square dances. Lately work has been a little slow, but because its so close to Christmas it just means that I get to spend more time with my family and focusing on my photography business (which had a lot of loose ends). More than anything I’ve been focusing on my photography website, stephenmasker.com, which has recently been updated with a brand new CV paired with a downloadable version, new assignments added to the ‘recent’ tab, a redesigned and now-live splash page with access to my blog, main site, and – at last – my photo cart, which now supplies a small variety of premium prints available in various sizes. 

In more important news, I recently received a job opportunity as the newest photo-intern for D Magazine. My orientation is in late January, but I’m pretty excited about the opportunities ahead and I’m very much looking forward to gaining an invaluable experience working for such an esteemed and well respected publication. The position title is ‘Online Photography Intern,’ and if I understand the position correctly I’ll mostly be responsible for supplying images to D Magazines online editorial content, specifically their blog, FrontBurner. In addition, it will be my responsibility to search out and photograph events in the Dallas area and to fulfill photographic requests from staffers. 

Moving right along, I’m also proud to announce that an image I took of a U.S. Marine in the 2011 Veteran’s Day Parade infront of Dallas City Hall was recently selected for inclusion in the U.S. Yahoo! Editorial 2011 Year in Review Gallery. And last but not least I’m excited to announce that I’ve recently been published in my first two foreign news publications. The first is a Catholic monthly magazine called Palabra Nueva (New World, in English), based in Havana, Cuba; the second is Sky News Italy, who actually contacted me today. 

That’s all for now, more to come soon! 

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