Facebook Pages: "Liking" pages and @mention's

Here’s a problem I’ve run into more than once on Facebook. VERY annoying, but glad I found a solution that finally works (verified on Google Chrome). 

Q: After “liking” another Page, why can’t I immediately @mention them in a post on a Page?

I understand that you can only @mention other fan pages that your fan page is following. However, when I “like” a page and am interested in immediately tagging them in a post, it won’t allow me to so right away. I normally have to wait until next day before it will allow me to tag. Not exactly sure of why this is happening, but it is so frustrating when you are trying to get something out that is timely. Anyone else having the same problem? Does the organization have to be following me back before it will allow for it (I didn’t think this was so)?

A: This is just a caching issue.

I don’t know how exactly it technically works, but I’d assume that since the @mentions feature has to search through thousands of users quickly as you type, it caches the list of users so that it can quickly search through them. If you opened up another browser tab and liked a new Page, this Page won’t show up on the other tab since it’s still accessing the old data.

Every time I run into this issue, I clear my cookies/cache (or just open an Incognito window) and login again and I’m able to mention the page.

And no, they don’t need to be liking you back.

Facebook Pages: After “liking” another Page, why can’t I immediately @mention them in a post on a Page? – Quora.

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