Photography students and recent graduates – please read this.

Here is an awesome article I found that talks about not giving your work away for free to organizations that should be paying for it. Even over the past several weeks, I myself have been contacted by organizations looking to use my work for free in exchange for ‘credit’ or ‘exposure’. Only on rare and specific occasions do I give my work away for free after an agreement has been reached concerning the usage and terms. Historically, these rare instances have only involved non-profit organizations seeking to help the community we all live in. However, that having been said, I also wasn’t hurting for cash during the times I was contacted. It is my opinion that it would not be wrong to request payment even under these circumstances, however I don’t mind providing it free of cost because of the rarity and specific organization contacting me. I can not admit that this will always be the case.

Here’s a brief excerpt of the article:

Here is a cold hard fact:

‘Exposure’ won’t buy you shit.

Before you look away, let me elaborate a little bit. As creatives, we do all need a certain amount of exposure; if you want those people who commission photography to hire you, then you need to get your work in front of them. There’s plenty of ways of doing this while preserving your integrity – there’s a number of good blogs with a wide reach, and you could even (gasp) just pound the pavements with a portfolio or a box of well presented prints.

However. Please, please, please – don’t give your stuff away for free to organisations that should be paying you for it.

Here is a little case study that happened to me earlier this week.

I got a mail in my inbox titled ‘Photo Request’.. this is what it said…

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