Applebee's Photo Agreement

Signed one for Mt. Olive, NJ, and one for Tyler, TX.


5 Comments on “Applebee's Photo Agreement

      • Spiffy! I’m happy to hear that. I’m in the “photographers should be compensated for *any* image they took” camp, none of that “photo credit” nonsense.

        Congrats! If you don’t mind, how did Applebee find your photos? Did you submit it to them or did they find it on your site?

      • They actually found the images on my Flickr account. This isn’t the first time that has happened, either. Accurate keywording of the images I upload has definitely paid off time and time again.

      • Nice! I keyword my images, but haven’t had that sort of luck. I’ve heard stories similar to yours though.

        If you know anyone in the areas, ask them to go take a picture of your pictures.

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