Lexar Image Rescue 4 – Review

Since I can remember reading photo magazines, I have almost always remembered seeing an Ad or two for ‘image recovery software’, and with some level of unreasoned skepticism, dismissed them as inconsequential. But now I can tell you that’s not true. Now I can say that a piece of software literally saved my day – and probably my ass as a freelance photographer – at least for one publication.

My experience was such:
My Saturday was unusually busy with assignments throughout the metroplex. On that day, I was responsible for three events. In a hurry from my second event to the third, I put my equipment in my car and drove to Dallas. As is typical practice when I start shooting a new assignment, I confirm the card has been formatted to free as much available space as I may need. It’s a silly practice, because I always travel with my laptop, I never come close to filling up my 16GB card, and I always keep additional memory immediately available. So, I get out of my car, notice that there’s images upon hitting playback, and without thinking, I format the memory card. I immediately recognized what I had done, got back into my car, and went home. In a sweat I browsed Google and called photo friends searching for a recommendation on image recovery software. I came upon Lexar’s Image Rescue 4, downloaded it and plugged in my memory card. To my surprise – as I suppose I’m a pretty skeptical person – not only did it find the images I had formatted from earlier in the day (my second assignment), but also the first assignment from that day, and many other assignments from days past. It was truly amazing, and it saved my ass. For anyone out there looking for image recovery software, I would highly recommend Lexar’s Image Rescue 4 – It will pay for itself the first time you use it.

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