Instagram, 2013, and Website Updates


Well 2013 is just a few days away and I finally got around to making some long-overdue revisions to my website and Instagram platform. As I’m sure most photographers and Instagram users know, the online photo-sharing and social networking service recently updated its Terms of Service (TOS) to allow Instagram the right to sell users’ photos to third parties without notification or compensation after January 16, 2013. However, the criticism from privacy advocates, consumers, National Geographic and even Kim Kardashian which suspended its Instagram account, prompted Instagram to issue a statement retracting the controversial terms. On Friday, December 21, 2012, Instagram released a statement which addresses users concerns about their updated TOS (specifically the advertising section) and – in brief – apologizes for the confusion while simultaneously reverting to the previous/original TOS advertising section that Instagram has used since it began in 2010. I say all of this because indeed Instagram is once again safe to use, and for all of you who hastily suspended or deleted your accounts, you can always sign up again.

Unfortunately I’ve been a little under the weather the past few days with an upper respiratory infection, but what better time to make those much needed revisions to my website. Among the changes, I eliminated the projects section which contained my Dallas portfolio and instead grouped Dallas into the Portfolio section. I then removed the CV, About, and Prints pages, then added two new pages: Instagram (which uses a cool/new Tumblr integration platform) and Client Area. I also added a portraits page under the portfolio section and uploaded new headshots, and removed the ‘misc.’ category.

I have always liked short, conscience, easily navigable websites that promote a clean, modern look and a user-friendly interface. If you have a few minutes to review the changes I would welcome your feedback and always enjoy reading your comments.

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