Sam Hurd and Amazing Photos

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Today I read an article by Gizmodo editor Michael Hession that I thought was just amazing, and I have to share it.

“Photographer Sam Hurd describes on his blog how to use [a prism] to produce some stunning results. Hurd shows off his the technique when photographing couples, but the same idea is begging to be put to work in other scenarios.”

The talented photographer Sam Hurd has been using a cheap 6″ glass prism to make some truly awesome images (shown below). On his blog, Hurd explains, “I find it works best with a 24mm, 35mm, or 50mm lens and I’ve ONLY ever used it with live view… because live view is freaking amazing.”

He’s even been generous enough to post a video about the technique, which is quickly becoming known as “The Hurd Method”. Whatever it’s called, it’s truly original, and very creative. If you’re looking to try it out, Hurd recommends this one from It runs about $19 and change after shipping. Mine is already on the way.



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