Dallas Skyline Project – Resuming Summer 2013

Beginning this weekend, I’ll be resuming my Dallas skyline project once again. Summer is a great time to shoot; I-35 is mostly free of traffic during critical daylight hours (early mornings & late evenings), the weather is fairly cooperative, and I have ample time to devote to making great skyline shots. Going forward: Anyone interested in tagging along this summer is free to message me at any time for details, and I will provide you with information for my next upcoming shoot. However, in the past – on multiple occasions – several people have asked to join me on my trips to Dallas and for one reason or another were unable to show up. In brief, it’s been aggravating.

I try my very best to commit to something and/or someone when I say that I will, and would argue that 97% of the time I follow through. That being said, I have the same level of expectation from the people that I interact with. If enough interactions transpire where a pattern of ‘no-shows’ develop, with me, or with anyone, I would conclude that the likely outcome would be fewer and fewer invitations, until ultimately any opportunity to connect in the future would not be possible. I hope I’ve said this in the politest way that I can, and I do understand that serious and unavoidable circumstances arise which trump photographing Dallas, but I also need my point of view understood, and I hope that I’ve made it clear.

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