The Amazingly Awesome PocketWizard PC5N Locking PC Sync Cable

The failure of my 580 EX II strobes to fire has given me more stress than any other single piece of photo equipment that I’ve ever owned. But now those days are over. The reason the flashes were failing to fire was not because of the strobes themselves, and not because of the PocketWizards, but because of the free, horribly designed radio slave cable that connects the PocketWizard to the flash (they’re free/packaged with your PocketWizard). Specifically, the issue was with the PC male end of the cable staying connected to my flash. It would constantly become loose, and thus the flash would not fire when the PocketWizard was triggered by the Wizard on the hot shoe of my camera body.

The solution, then, was to find a locking PC Male To 1/8″ (3.5mm) Mini cable to prevent the PC end of the cable from disconnecting or becoming loose from the flash. B&H sells such a cable (made by PocketWizard), and I ordered four of them (two for myself, for my two Canon strobes), and two for a friend, who’s using Q-flashes. As it turns out, the cables aren’t compatible with the Q-flashes, so he didn’t need the cables, which means I have two of these items to sell. If you’re interested, they’re $25/ea., and after testing them on my Canon 580 EX II Speedlights, I wish I had bought these a very long time ago. You can read more about them here: and for reference, I included pictures of the freebie/crap sync cable that comes with the PocketWizard (on the left) and the new PocketWizard Locking PC sync cable – for sale – on the right.

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