When I started on my path to photography, I was a high school senior working on the yearbook, mostly on design and layout, and had little interest in taking pictures.

As a graduation gift, my parents sent me to Europe with a group of friends to experience places that I had only read about. I took a lot of photos, but unfortunately my laptop’s hard drive failed, and I lost everything.

A freshman in college, I was originally studying to become a film major and thought that I would eventually pursue a career as a Director of Photography working on motion picture films. But, I quickly realized that wasn’t for me, and I switched my major to Journalism and started working for the campus newspaper as a still photographer.

Eventually, I started the National Press Photographers Association Student Chapter at my university, and I was the vice president of the university’s photography club. I was also working a part-time job selling digital cameras, and interning as a still photographer for the Dallas Observer.

During the summer of my junior year, I interned with a Getty Images photographer on Capitol Hill, photographing Congress, the White House, Supreme Court justices, and politicians. That experience inspired me to double major with a second BA in Political Science.

After graduating college, I interned as a news photographer with the Tyler Morning Telegraph in East Texas, then drove to New Jersey and assisted a National Geographic Photographer as his Digital Media Assistant, editing and cataloging his images.

Now, I am an independent freelance photographer based in Dallas. I frequently contribute still photography to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and the Dallas Observer, but have also had the privilege of working for many other editorial publications.

In addition to photographing editorial work, I have also worked with area and national advertising agencies, as well as multinational corporate and commercial clients.

As a photographer, I aim to be an ambassador to the creative process by teaching others through video tutorials, blogging, interviews, and in another way that I can. I feel that by being and open book with my process, I have an opportunity to inspire others to follow their dreams and passions to create.


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